The Rubys 18 Month Henniversary


Happy 18 month henniversary to The Rubys! It’s also a ‘happy birthday’ to these girls as we got these hens as day old chicks for Ruby, one of our ex-commercial hens that was broody. We tentatively put the chicks under Ruby and she took to them and brought them up – it was lovely to […]

High Roosting


Little Sapphire’s not quite getting it. Every night her 40+ flock mates find their way to the coop and their sleeping places but nature is telling Sapphire to go as high as she can, and the ‘attic’ (the space under the roof of the run) is proving quite attractive for her, and proving difficult for […]

Ruby and the Rubys at 8 Weeks


The Rubys are 8 weeks old today and we thought it was time for them to venture outside! The chicks are not ‘chicks’ anymore, but more pullets, though the definition is loose, and given a pullet is a hen less than 1 year old, and because they’re not ‘chicks’ anymore, we’ll refer to them as […]