The Roses 1 Year Henniversary


A milestone today as The Roses reached 1 year with us! The Roses were a group of 10 hens we adopted in November 2017 and unusually were re-homed at 90 weeks rather than the usual 72, making this day even more special as they’re about 4 months older than they would typically be at their […]

The Roses 6 Month Henniversary


The first milestone for The Roses today as they celebrated 6 months with us! This is the group of 10 hens we re-homed in November 2017, named after Rose, and sadly Mary is no longer with us but the other 9 have now reached the 6 month mark – the absolute minimum that we hope […]

Tess and Tulip go to the Vet


Just two hens this week that needed to see the vet – this time It’s Tess and Tulip! Since rehoming, Tess has displayed strange behaviours with her eyes – she closes them a lot! Otherwise her demeanour is normal but what seems like every few minutes she closes her eyes, and when she’s picked up, […]

Tess Comes Out of Her Shell


Tess has grown in confidence over the last week or so and has changed from a hen that was petrified of the girls around her (except her best friend Gertrude!) to one that is fairly comfortable with the rest of the flock! She’s still living in the coop with a smaller group of the newer […]

Tess Moves House


Tess has decided that she’s outgrown the broody coop and now wants to live in the bigger coop with some of the other girls! Over the last few days she’s becoming more confident and not as scared of the other hens so we’re going to try her in the coop with some of the youngsters […]

Gertrude & Tess


All of the hens we have are special but sometimes there’s a hen – or two or three – that melt your heart even more. We re-homed Gertrude and Tess in November 2017 and of the 10 ‘Roses’ these two hens were ill from the start and took a few weeks to recover; Gertrude couldn’t […]