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The Laurels at 4 Weeks

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We’ve had the Laurels for 4 weeks now and they're settling in very well. Integration has gone smoothly - with a few squabbles, but nothing that we're concerned about. Petal and Lupin are back with the group, and are separated for most of the day, but we put them in…

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Moving Upstairs

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The last few days both groups of hens have free ranging together in the afternoon and evening, and have made their way to their respective coops to sleep. Whilst some of the new hens have explored the coop and run, they've always found their way (or been carried!) to their…

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Names for The Laurels

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All the girls now have names and unique colourful jewellery! We left it until now so that we could try and match personalities to names, and even in the few days we've had this group, their individual characteristics are starting to emerge. We had a list of 10 names that…

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The Laurels – Day 3

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Day 3 for the new girls, and they're settling in well; they're becoming slightly less nervous of humans, but still lots of wing flapping and squawking when I go near them! I try and spend as much time with them as I can, sitting on a chair close to them,…

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The Laurels – Day 2

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As is usual for a rehoming, I am awakened several times during the night, worrying about the hens, and this first night was no exception! I got up at 5:30am and went outside to see how their first night had been, thankfully they were all okay. I let them out…

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The Laurels – Day 1

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We arrived home about 6:30pm with our 12 hens in the car, 12 hens that we decided would be named 'The Laurels', after Laurel, who we lost last November. Without intending to, we've started to give the group of hens we re-home a name, as well as the individual hen…

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