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A Taste of Things to Come

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The girls haven't been too impressed with the wet, cold, windy and wintry weather recently, but yesterday brought some sunshine and a little bit of warmth that meant lots of dust and sun bathing. This was particularly enjoyable for The Marys, re-homed in early January, who had only known winter…

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Welcome to The Marys

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The Marys are settling in well and today had further health check, weight taken, a pedicure, a 'Mary' name and associated legwear and a wander outside in their new world - they didn't think much of the temperature though! Introducing Berry, Eileen, Jane, Nightingale, Poppins and Shelley!

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The Marys Arrive

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We brought back our latest group of hens today, The Marys, named in honour of Mary who passed away a few weeks ago. These 6 hens are all poorly - 5 have prolapses and 1 has a problem with one eye that is swollen and permanently shut - so they'll…

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