The Petunias 18 Month Henniversary


A celebration today as The Petunias celebrated 18 months with us – meaning these 4 hens have spent the majority of her life here – which is a great milestone for them to reach! Originally a group of 11 that were adopted in August 2017 they all soon settled in and grew a new set […]

The Petunias 1 Year Henniversary


A milestone today as The Petunias reached 1 year with us. These were a group of 11 hens that came to us with 3 prolapses (Clover, Corncockle and Cover), one very petrified hen (Harebell) and several extremely bald hens but they all transformed into beautiful fully feathered brown hens. Unfortunately we have lost Campion, Clover, […]

The Petunias 6 Month Henniversary


Having re-homed several groups of hens last summer we’re now enjoying henniversary parties every few weeks! This time it’s The Petunias turn to celebrate as they mark 6 months with us. These were a group of 11 hens re-homed in August 2017, and sadly whilst Clover is no longer with us the rest of the […]

The Petunias First Time on Grass


The Petunias, our latest group of hens, spent today and yesterday learning that grass is a good thing to eat as well as walk, on as well as a few hours of sunbathing and relaxing! These hens are still sleeping in the barn until they’re strong enough to be integrated, but during the day when […]

Welcome to The Petunias


At the BHWT re-homing today unfortunately there were 3 hens with prolapses that we took to one side and treated – by cleaning the hen and then Sarah with a medical glove on and Sudocrem on her finger, carefully pushed things back to where they should be. We put these hens in our crate by […]