The Roses 1 Year Henniversary


A milestone today as The Roses reached 1 year with us! The Roses were a group of 10 hens we adopted in November 2017 and unusually were re-homed at 90 weeks rather than the usual 72, making this day even more special as they’re about 4 months older than they would typically be at their […]

The Roses 6 Month Henniversary


The first milestone for The Roses today as they celebrated 6 months with us! This is the group of 10 hens we re-homed in November 2017, named after Rose, and sadly Mary is no longer with us but the other 9 have now reached the 6 month mark – the absolute minimum that we hope […]

Welcome to The Roses


The first full day for the Roses with us today and they’re settling in well. We were greeted with 7 eggs this morning, 3 in the nest boxes and the rest scattered around their area – 3 in the new nest boxes is great for their first day! We gave them a full check over […]

The Roses Arrive


We brought back our latest group of hens today, The Roses, named in honour of Rose who passed away a few weeks ago. We’d reserved 8 hens but came home with 10 – we took 2 additional hens that were poorly, so will need to think of a couple of more ‘Rose’ names! The girls […]

Ready for the Roses


We have a British Hen Welfare Trust re-homing tomorrow and we’ll be bringing back our next group, The Roses. Rather than deal with makeshift accommodation that we’ve constructed recently for the unplanned groups that have been re-homed we’ve made a dedicated area for the hens in a section of our barn. We have 2 secure […]