Fly High Tulip


Today we said goodbye to Tulip. Despite treatment a week ago today the fluid had returned to her abdomen and we did the only kind thing we could for her, and took her to the vet to ease her suffering. She was one of the group of 12 hens that we named ‘The Laurels’ that […]

Tess and Tulip go to the Vet


Just two hens this week that needed to see the vet – this time It’s Tess and Tulip! Since rehoming, Tess has displayed strange behaviours with her eyes – she closes them a lot! Otherwise her demeanour is normal but what seems like every few minutes she closes her eyes, and when she’s picked up, […]

The Laurels 6 Month Henniversary


A milestone today as The Laurels reached 6 months with us. These are the group of 12 hens we re-homed in May, named after Laurel, a very special hen who passed away at the end of last year. Whilst we’d like all of the hens we re-home to live a long life, the reality is […]

Foxglove, Rose and Tulip go to the Vet


Rose and Tulip haven’t been too well over the weekend and after they moved into the kitchen on Sunday but showed no improvement on Monday, we headed off to see the vet, bringing Foxglove along too to get her prolapse checked. We’re fortunate to have the excellent Avian Veterinary Services relatively close to hand and […]

Separation and Hospital Coops


There are now 3 hens from the new group of 12 that need observation and separation from the others, even if this is only temporary. One of the things we’ve learnt is that if a hen is quiet then one of the first things to do after an initial examination is to isolate the bird, […]