Daisy’s Trip to the Vet


Daisy has been poorly the last day or so – her abdomen is lumpy and her demeanour has deteriorated sharply. Unfortunately we know these signs and all that we can do in this situation is give her the best final days we can – plenty of treats and cuddles and making her as comfortable as […]

Bitsy, Lucky and Willow’s Trip to the Vet


A trip to the vet today for Bitsy, Lucky and Willow. Lucky was the main concern – she had a prolapse over a week ago and whilst this has remained in place, we felt an egg inside her and this needed to be investigated. The entrance to her oviduct is inflamed and the egg won’t […]

Cowslip and Larkspur’s Trip to the Vet


A trip to the vet today for Cowslip and Larkspur; Larkspur has had a few quiet moments the last few weeks but has always recovered after medication and Cowslip has been declining slowly for several weeks and not responded to recent medication. Larkspur is very poorly and has a bad infection and several ‘lumps and […]

Hazel and Marigold go to the Vet


Marigold has been unwell for about 2 weeks and Hazel’s health has taken a dip the last day so time to go back to the vet to get them checked over again. Marigold has been very quiet recently and despite being on antibiotics, anti-inflamtories and steroids, she wasn’t improving. After an examination, the vet found […]

Harebell, Jasmine and Lupin go to the Vet


Lupin has gone downhill the last couple of days and Harebell and Jasmine were due a check-up after their visit to the vet a few weeks ago, so all 3 hens put their seatbelts on and we drove to the vets. Unfortunately Lupin’s condition wasn’t good. Despite medication for the last 2 weeks there were […]

Tess and Tulip go to the Vet


Just two hens this week that needed to see the vet – this time It’s Tess and Tulip! Since rehoming, Tess has displayed strange behaviours with her eyes – she closes them a lot! Otherwise her demeanour is normal but what seems like every few minutes she closes her eyes, and when she’s picked up, […]

Blossom, Harebell, Jasmine and Orchid go to the Vet


A quadruple vet appointment today as some of the girls have been under the weather for a few days and we wanted to get them checked out. For Blossom, Harebell and Orchid, they have crops with fibrous material in them that has reduced, but not gone completely. Their demeanour is good though and they’re eating […]

Campion, Peony and Ruby go to the Vet


After a recent health check I had a few concerns about Campion and Ruby and a current ‘dirty knickers’ issue with Peony meant a triple appointment at the vet today. I weigh the hens every 2 weeks and the last 3 weights for Campion and Ruby have been increasing steadily and they were both over […]

Berry, Corncockle, Marigold, Poppins and Thrift go to the Vet


A few concerns about some of the hens meant a trip to the vet today – Berry and Poppins from Sunday’s rehoming aren’t progressing well, Marigold’s prolapse isn’t looking good, and whilst I’m there I’ll take Corncockle and Thrift along to get their respiratory condition looked at. Berry was seen first as she was the […]

A Few Sneezes


There have been a few sneezes from the flock recently and with Larkspur seeming the worst we took her to the vet this week to get checked out. She took along Marigold and Thrift too as they’d been off-colour also and could provide the vet with extra sound effects if he needed them. Larkspur was […]

Foxglove, Rose and Tulip go to the Vet


Rose and Tulip haven’t been too well over the weekend and after they moved into the kitchen on Sunday but showed no improvement on Monday, we headed off to see the vet, bringing Foxglove along too to get her prolapse checked. We’re fortunate to have the excellent Avian Veterinary Services relatively close to hand and […]

White’s First Trip to the Vet


In the 3 years that we’ve had White, she’s been relatively healthy and trouble-free. The last few weeks however, she’s had quiet moments that have usually been followed by her laying a soft shelled egg, but she’s bounced back to her usual self. In the last few days however, she’s been off-colour. We separated her […]