Fly High White


Today we lost White. Losing a hen is never easy, but this was particularly sad as White was the last remaining hen from our first group of hens that we got over 3 years ago. White’s been there from the very start. In May 2014 when Amber, Brown, Grey and White arrived as point of […]

Quintuple Integration Day 1


Today was the day we decided to integrate the recent arrivals and the hens that had been poorly but had now recovered enough to be part of the main flock. Integrating 2 groups is bad enough, but we wanted a single flock and to have all the hens outside together, so this was the start […]

White’s First Trip to the Vet


In the 3 years that we’ve had White, she’s been relatively healthy and trouble-free. The last few weeks however, she’s had quiet moments that have usually been followed by her laying a soft shelled egg, but she’s bounced back to her usual self. In the last few days however, she’s been off-colour. We separated her […]

White’s 3 Year Henniversary


Three years ago today we brought home our first group of hens, and little did we know the effect it would have on our lives. That day in 2014 I didn’t project forward and think what things would be like today, but if I had, I would have naively thought that we’d still have Amber, […]

A Little Star


White is the last of our original 4 point of lay hybrids that we got in 2014. She’s a White Star, a White Leghorn cross, and a small hen that lays lovely pure white eggs. We were told when we got her that she’d lay a lot of eggs, and as a result, wouldn’t live […]