Tess and Tulip go to the Vet

Just two hens this week that needed to see the vet – this time It’s Tess and Tulip!

Since rehoming, Tess has displayed strange behaviours with her eyes – she closes them a lot! Otherwise her demeanour is normal but what seems like every few minutes she closes her eyes, and when she’s picked up, within a few seconds her eyes close. She was examined, and diagnosed with Microphthalmia (as she has small eyes) and this causes her to shut her eyes – it’s just ‘her’ and makes her unique in the flock – everything else is okay with her.

Tulip however is not so good; she has a large build-up of fluid in her abdomen from cancerous tumours and this is putting pressure on her lungs, causing heavy breathing. Her outlook isn’t good but we wanted to give her the chance of some more time and she was drained of the 200ml of fluid in her abdomen and will be on steroids to try and stop the tumours growing and the fluid returning. This treatment may or may not work, but at the very least she’ll be spoilt over the next few days.

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