The Greys 1 Year Henniversary

Today we celebrated the 1 year henniversary of The Greys – Eve, Ivy and Merry. I picked them up 12 months ago but they went into hiding for a few days as they were a surprise Christmas present for Sarah and were unveiled 4 days later. The group was named after a hen from the first group we had, and all 3 resembled the original ‘Grey’, but still unique themselves with their own personalities.

Due to the Avian Flu restrictions they remained in the barn for a few months and were joined by other hens from time to time, including being put in their place by Snowdrop and Holly, before moving outside when the restrictions were lifted, where they soon took over the coop and assumed positions at the top of the pecking order!

They’ve enjoyed their first summer and their 12 month milestone has come round quickly. They celebrated with a cake, decorated with scrambled egg icing and a ‘1’ made from peas, with grapes decorating the circumference, and soon devoured a lot of it before we let the others finish it off in record time!

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