The Hazels 6 Month Henniversary

A milestone recently as The Hazels reached 6 months with us – their official day was the 9th January but they decided to postpone it a little due to Marigold’s prolapse and implant the last 2 days. These are the group of 7 hens we re-homed in July 2017, and sadly whilst Rose is no longer with us the rest of the group celebrated their achievement.

At rehoming, this group looked worn out. Lily had a damaged wing and leg but has now recovered and blossomed into one of the top hens with a shiny new coat. Jasmine had a damaged leg also and still has a bit of a limp but she also has grown into a hen with a big personality and is always recognisable with her magnificent comb and wattles. Lavender has recovered from her limp and is now getting on with being a hen and Petunia recovered from her initial prolapse and found her voice.

Then there’s Honeysuckle and Marigold. Being the 2 relatively healthy hens at rehoming they lived together from the start and are still inseparable! These adorable hens will spend their days side by side, exploring together, eating together and sleeping together. Even now, with Marigold’s illness, we couldn’t separate them and with Marigold in a small cage in the hospital area, Honeysuckle will sleep on top of that cage most nights – lovely!

As usual their cake didn’t last long – The Hazels had most of the ‘icing’ before the rest of the flock devoured the remains!

Happy Henniversary Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Lavender, Lily, Marigold and Petunia!

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