The Hazels First Full Day

Today was spent properly assessing and settling in the Hazels in their new accommodation, and of course giving them all a name!

Honeysuckle (orange leg ring) appears fine and we’ve put her in a temporary run with Marigold (yellow leg ring) and Rose (red leg ring), who also appear to be okay.

Jasmine (white leg ring) has a bad limp in her right leg and can’t put any weight on it. We’ve put her in a hospital coop so that we can give her leg a chance to heal, and will give her Inflacam to help with the pain.

Lavender (purple leg ring) also has a bad limp and can’t really move much. She’s also in a hospital coop and will be given Inflacam for her pain.

Lily (pink leg ring) is probably in the worst condition, with both an injured leg and wing. Her left wing has been damaged and is hanging down, so we wrapped the wing, then strapped the wrapped wing to her body to keep it in as natural position as possible. Again, she’s on Inflacam.

Petunia (green leg ring) had a prolapse at the rehoming yesterday and is also limping. We’re treating the prolapse with Sudocrem, and even though the prolapse has stayed inside where it should be, Sudocrem’s antiseptic properties will keep her clean. Given she had a prolapse we’ll give her antibiotics for 5 days and Inflacam to ease any pain with her limp.

The barn looks more like a hospital ward just now, but luckily we have the facilities needed to separate and treat injured hens and I’m glad that we have the space and equipment to help these girls get back on their feet, literally!

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