The Hollys 6 Month Henniversary

A celebration today as all 4 of The Hollys reached their 6 month milestone with us.

These were a group of hens that we took in from an adopter that originally collected them from our BHWT re-homing on the 7th October 2018 but was having problems getting the girls to settle in.

They’d been named, and we happily kept these names for the hens and over a few weeks they settled in and established themselves in the flock. Gerty was missing a few feathers and very nervous around the other hens, but with time her feathers grew back and her confidence around the other hens increased. Katy was top hen of the 4 and her, along with Hetty and Wilma made themselves at home and got along with the other hens.

The girls enjoyed their cake, making swift work of the scrambled egg, grape and pea topping – Happy Henniversary Gerty, Hetty, Katy and Wilma!

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