The Human Nest Box

I’ve found a new use for my lap – a nesting area for Lily! The last 2 days, she’s jumped up onto my knee, snuggled down, and laid an egg on my lap!

As yesterday was the first morning Lily had woken up outside we thought she was a bit unsettled and thought yesterday’s antics were a one-off. However, today she did the same! She didn’t spend the same time squawking and walking around the run as she did yesterday, but jumped up on my knee and burrowed her head between my elbow and side of my chest, probably thinking that if it was dark for her eyes then it was dark everywhere! A couple of minutes later an egg popped out, and I was ready to let it fall into my hands.

And this from the hen that a month ago had her wing strapped up and couldn’t walk due to a bad limp – such an amazing character.

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