The Laurels 18 Month Henniversary

A milestone today as The Laurels reached 18 months with us! These were a group of 12 hens that we adopted in May 2017 and the remaining 3 hens from the group celebrated their achievement today.

Every 6 months is marked and 18 months signifies the point where a hen will have spent the majority of her life with us – a good reason to bake a cake for the girls! The last of our grapes were used to make the ’18’ and this and the scrambled egg topping was the first part to be devoured. We brought a few of the poorly hens – Jasmine, Chestnut, Flame and Tinkerbelle – out to enjoy the cake too before breaking up the base and giving to the rest of the girls to enjoy.

Happy Henniversary Petal, Peony and Poppy!

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