The Laurels at 4 Weeks

We’ve had the Laurels for 4 weeks now and they’re settling in very well. Integration has gone smoothly – with a few squabbles, but nothing that we’re concerned about.
Petal and Lupin are back with the group, and are separated for most of the day, but we put them in the coop at night, as they need re-integrated after their illnesses. Petal’s prolapse has healed as best as it is going to – there’s still a small part of flesh that is out that should be inside her, but there’s no blood or scab and with her feathers growing over that area, means that her wound will not be a target for the others, and she can safely live with them.
Lupin’s limp has healed and must have been a temporary injury from rehoming rather than anything that is going to be permanent, but she’s still very timid and very much bottom of the overall pecking order. She runs away from all of the other hens even though they don’t attack her, and she’s lacking in confidence around them. We’ll isolate her when needed so that she can at least get a decent amount of food and water, and slowly give her more time with the other girls, so that her confidence will increase, with us intervening when required.

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