The Laurels – Integration Phase 2

Both groups of hens have settled down now and the Laurels are becoming more used to us and we’ve started to let both groups spend some time together and moved onto the next stage of integration, where we let them free range together, but supervised.

For the next few days, one group will have their coop and run, plus the larger electric fenced area in the morning, the other group in the afternoon, and both will be in the larger area, together in the evening. This approach means that in the morning and afternoon, the new girls are still separate from the incumbent hens and they can get used to their new surroundings in relative peace, as well as having a larger area and fresh grass to scratch at. When both groups are together in the evening the hens will be quieter anyway, and should make integration easier.

Today was relatively okay, there was the odd squabble, but in general the space they shared is large enough that any hen that was picked on can run away.

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