The Marys 6 Month Henniversary

A milestone for The Marys today as they celebrated 6 months with us! This is the group of 6 hens we re-homed in January 2018, named after Mary, and after a cold and long winter they’re now enjoying a warm summer.

Arriving with feathers missing all hens are now fully feathered and enjoying their life. Berry has become a British Hen Welfare Trust sponsor hen, Poppins is blind in one eye but that doesn’t stop her embracing her new life, and the others in the group have all settled into the flock well.

They celebrated with sunshine and cake – scrambled egg for the icing and peas made the ‘6’ on top that was quickly devoured before the other hens joined in.

Happy Henniversary Berry, Eileen, Jane, Nightingale, Poppins and Shelley!

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