The Mavises 6 Month Henniversary

A celebration today as The Mavises reached their first milestone with us – 6 months from their adoption.

These were a group of 7 hens that we adopted after our BHWT re-homing in September 2018 and sadly Clove is no longer with us, but her sisters are thriving. Aster doesn’t let her twisted beak stop her enjoying herself, Chestnut, despite her lumps and bumps, is making the most of each day, Maple has decided she doesn’t need a tail, and Acorn, Apple, and Sienna have grown a beautiful set of feathers and have fully settled into the flock.

As usual the girls celebrated with a cake, decorated with grapes and peas to make the ‘6’, and swiftly devoured the topping before having a stroll around the field then sharing the rest of the treats with the other hens.

Happy Henniversary Acorn, Apple, Aster, Chestnut, Maple and Sienna!

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