The Nearly Girls 2018

As BHWT volunteers there’s nothing quite like the wonderful feeling at the end of a re-homing day when you know so many girls have gone off to a new life with so many adventures ahead of them. Several re-homings have been touched with sadness though – four little hens taken from their cages destined for a new life, but who were just too poorly, either passed away on the day of the re-homing or soon after. So near but yet so far. It is so overwhelmingly heartbreaking that they never get the chance to sample the life they deserved and the only thing we could give them is a name, a little bit of love and care, and a dignified death.

One more thing we can do for them is to honour them, so today we are remembering four little darlings – Butternut, Jingles, Mavis and Sophie – that came so close to a life of dustbathing, scratching the ground, treats and sunbathing.

Sleep tight girls.

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