The Nest Bag

We’ve been on the lookout for some plastic boxes that could be used as nest boxes for the shed conversion, but today Corncockle ignored the nest box in the coop and found a nest bag instead!

We had an open bag of Dengie Fresh Bed for Chickens beside the coop and after a lot of pacing and egg-laying noises, Corncockle made her way inside the bag of bedding and began settling down! She spent about 20 minutes finding the best position and then arranging some of the bedding to make the perfect nest, flicking the straw over her back until the nest was just right. She then went very quiet and laid her egg! So proud was she of her achievement that she stood up, had a look around her, and gave a few bars of the ‘egg song’ to let everyone know how wonderful she was!

What was more pleasing to us was that Corncockle was re-homed 2 weeks ago to the day and had a prolapse, which thankfully looks to be healing and seemed to be no worse off as a result of the egg being laid. What a clever girl!

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