The Petunias 1 Year Henniversary

A milestone today as The Petunias reached 1 year with us. These were a group of 11 hens that came to us with 3 prolapses (Clover, Corncockle and Cover), one very petrified hen (Harebell) and several extremely bald hens but they all transformed into beautiful fully feathered brown hens.

Unfortunately we have lost Campion, Clover, Corncockle, Cowslip and Harebell, and we took a moment to remember these girls, but today is also about celebrating the achievement of the rest of that little flock in reaching 1 year with us. One year is a milestone we’re happy with – more is obviously better, but we feel that if we can get a hen to a year then that’s a lot of days that these hens would not have otherwise had.

As usual we made a cake for the 6 girls, topped with scrambled egg and decorated with peas to make a ‘1’. The topping was quickly devoured with Orchid standing on the cake to ensure she got her fair share!

Happy Henniversary Anemone, Columbine, Cornflower, Foxglove, Orchid and Thrift!

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