The Petunias 18 Month Henniversary

A celebration today as The Petunias celebrated 18 months with us – meaning these 4 hens have spent the majority of her life here – which is a great milestone for them to reach!

Originally a group of 11 that were adopted in August 2017 they all soon settled in and grew a new set of feathers and enjoyed the last of the summer that year and got on with enjoying their retirement. Orchid in particular has come a huge way from her initial problems and she had an overnight stay at the vet shortly after she arrived here and managed a night away glamping after that so we could keep an eye on her! As usual we made a cake for the girls and the scrambled egg icing along with the peas and grapes were soon devoured and what was left was shared with the other hens, and didn’t last long.

Happy Henniversary Anemone, Columbine, Orchid and Thrift!

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