The Petunias 6 Month Henniversary

Having re-homed several groups of hens last summer we’re now enjoying henniversary parties every few weeks! This time it’s The Petunias turn to celebrate as they mark 6 months with us. These were a group of 11 hens re-homed in August 2017, and sadly whilst Clover is no longer with us the rest of the group honoured their achievement.

At rehoming, 3 of these hens had prolapses but made a good recovery and the remaining 8 got on with growing back their feathers and starting to enjoy their new freedom. The Petunias are a lovely groups with the usual mix of characters; Harebell was petrified of everyone and spent her first few nights hiding in a box, Orchid that has come from being close to death to now being one of the main hens and enjoyed her glamping trip last year, Corncockle who chose to lay her eggs in bags of bedding rather than a nest box, and little Thrift with her own sweet ways – even saying her name brings a smile to our faces! The other hens in the group have enjoyed being part of the flock and making the most of their days and have transformed from the partially feathered creatures we re-homed to fully feathered hens full of confidence.

Given the recent weight gains that some of the girls have had we did something a bit different with their cake and made a base of wheat with coconut oil that was left to set, then added some spring greens as icing and topped off with a ‘6’ made from sweetcorn. So that The Petunias could at least get some of this we put up a temporary fence for them and presented them with their cake, which they took great delight in devouring before the other hens forced their way through the fence and joined in!

Happy Henniversary wildflower girls; Anemone, Campion, Columbine, Corncockle, Cornflower, Cowslip, Foxglove, Harebell, Orchid and Thrift!

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