The Petunias First Time on Grass

The Petunias, our latest group of hens, spent today and yesterday learning that grass is a good thing to eat as well as walk, on as well as a few hours of sunbathing and relaxing!

These hens are still sleeping in the barn until they’re strong enough to be integrated, but during the day when it’s dry we take them outside and they’ve now all experienced the great outdoors. It’s lovely to watch them take those first tentative steps onto grass, their feet being very carefully placed on the ground as they look around at the marvels that surround them. Then, as the sun breaks through and they feel the warm rays, they give in to it and slowly fall to the ground, stretch out a wing, and relax with the heat on their bare bodies.

There are still 3 hens with prolapses in this group, and they have a daily Epsom Salts bath to clean their ‘area’, then a generous covering of Sudocrem is applied, to try and heal their wounds. These hens need to be kept separate to ensure that another hen doesn’t attack the prolapse, and we’ll carry on doing this until we see good signs of healing.

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