The Roses 1 Year Henniversary

A milestone today as The Roses reached 1 year with us! The Roses were a group of 10 hens we adopted in November 2017 and unusually were re-homed at 90 weeks rather than the usual 72, making this day even more special as they’re about 4 months older than they would typically be at their 1 year henniversary.

Unfortunately Mary and Constance are no longer with us but we’re thrilled that 8 out of this group of 10 are here to celebrate today. They’ve embraced their new life and have seen a cold winter and a warm summer and are all ready for the autumn now with a new set of feathers. Tess and Gertrude’s early illness are distant memories now though Tess is sometimes still a bit wary of some of the hens and she tentatively approached her cake, but we made sure she had her share.

Happy Henniversary Albertine, Alnwick, Darcy, Dawn, Felicity, Gertrude, Precious & Tess!

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