The Roses 6 Month Henniversary

The first milestone for The Roses today as they celebrated 6 months with us! This is the group of 10 hens we re-homed in November 2017, named after Rose, and sadly Mary is no longer with us but the other 9 have now reached the 6 month mark – the absolute minimum that we hope for when we re-home a hen.

These hens were re-homed at 90 weeks (normally it’s about 72 weeks), meaning that they’re a few months older that they would normally be at this stage so they’re about 2 years 2 months old. They’ve seen a cold and wet winter and are now enjoying the better weather – dustbathing and sunbathing when the mood takes them. Tess and Gertrude had an illness when they arrived but they’ve recovered well and are now thriving, and Tess in particular has gained a huge amount of confidence and all of these girls are now fully integrated with the flock.

They celebrated with sunshine and cake – scrambled egg for the icing and dandelion leaves made the ‘6’ on top that was quickly devoured before the other hens joined in.

Happy Henniversary Albertine, Alnwick, Constance, Darcy, Dawn, Felicity, Gertrude, Precious and Tess!

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