The Super Six

We typically adopt several small groups of hens throughout the year and these girls are given a group name and each hen has an individual name. We identify these groups and celebrate their henniversaries.

However, sometimes, for whatever reason, different groups form – individual hens that are put together – that create a bond and will happily exist together and create their own group. Meet The Super Six.

Recently, we put together a group of 6 hens – poorly hens and new hens that were together in the barn that moved into an indoor pen together, then to an outside coop. In early December, Patty Pan and Bonbon arrived and at the same time, Chestnut, Nightingale and Petunia were a bit under the weather, and Tinkerbelle was needing to be observed as she was very light.

These hens bonded and existed together in their own little group. They spent a lot of time in the barn when the weather was bad outside, to give them a bit more protection. When we opened the door they all trotted outside and spent time together scratching at the round or dustbathing – it was lovely to see!

They recently moved outside to a coop and run to start their integration with the flock, but they’re still together and snuggle up together at night. Different hens from different groups, and different ages, but all getting along well and enjoying their time together.

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