The Whites 1 Year Henniversary

A milestone today as Clematis (or ‘Clem’ – as she has become known as!) reached 1 year with us. Clematis, Dahlia and Larkspur were re-homed on the 30th July 2017 and sadly Dahlia and Larkspur are no longer with us, so a good chance to take a moment to remember them as well as celebrate Clem’s achievement.

These 3 hens were an unexpected re-homing for us – they were a bit poorly with limps and we gladly took them in and gave them some TLC to get them back on their feet. Clem was the worst of the 3 and spent a while in a deep bed, so that her leg could stretch out and her body was supported by the straw in the bed. After a few weeks they’d recovered and we started to integrate them with the rest of the flock and they spent many a happy day getting on with ‘being a hen’.

Clem had a special cake that was topped with scrambled egg, grapes and peas and devoured as much as she could herself before a few specially invited guests helped her finish it off!

Happy Henniversary Clem!

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