The Whites 6 Month Henniversary

A slightly belated celebration for The Whites today (as they were on medication for the last 7 days and needed to avoid cake!) to mark their 6 month henniversary. Whilst every day that a re-homed hen has is more than they would otherwise have had, it’s great to get to this first milestone that we mark, and Clematis, Dahlia, Larkspur have had a good 6 months.

We couldn’t volunteer at the rehoming day in August 2017 due to other commitments but had said that if there were any poorly hens we could drive over and pick them up – and there were! They all had bad limps and couldn’t move out of the small area we set aside for them to recuperate in and Clematis especially was in a lot of discomfort and spent a couple of weeks in a deep straw bed (joined occasionally by Dahlia) to try and encourage her legs to move a little. One of our original hens, White, was also ill at this time, hence the name we gave to this group. After a few weeks though they all started to recover and were soon wandering around, scratching at the ground and enjoying their new life.

The arrival of this group also marked the use of two leg rings as we had reached the point where we’d run out of colours! We now have a better system but these girls were – and still are affectionately known as ‘double pink’ (Clematis, or ‘Clem’), ‘double-yellow’ (Dahlia) and ‘double blue’ (Larkspur).

As usual we made a cake for the girls and let Clematis, Dahlia, Larkspur have the first bites before letting the others demolish the rest of it with Petunia employing a new tactic of standing on the cake to try and get as much of it as she could!

Happy Henniversary Clematis, Dahlia and Larkspur!

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