Too Much Snow

It’s been snowing the last few days and whilst there was excitement when the white stuff arrived, the girls are a bit wary of it now, particularly as it’s a few inches deep and very cold and wet on their feet!

When we’ve let the hens out the last couple of days they’ve been a lot more cautious of the snow and simply stand at their door and look at it. Many of them have stayed under cover all day but a few have ventured out – at least those that have been out now have nice clean feet!

It’s getting very cold though and the next few nights it’s forecast to get to -7′ and -12′ so we’ve moved a few hens indoors to a less cold environment. Honeysuckle is eventually growing back her feathers but she’s still got patches of bare skin and is feeling the cold, so we put her in the barn with her best friend Marigold. Larkspur and Foxglove are a bit under the weather too, so they’re inside also and all 4 are in an area with Tess and Gertrude, and hopefully they’ll sort out any issues quickly and get on with enjoying the dry environment!

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