Upgrading the Shed Roof

Whilst the shed has a wooden roof that is loosely covered with plastic it’s not the ideal long term solution (!) and this temporary roof is being replaced with metal sheeting that will last for years and provide the hens with a dry indoor environment.

I decided against using the supplied felt for the roof of the shed as the gap between this and the wooden support is a haven for red mite, and the felt would have needed to be replaced after a few years anyway. Bitumen sheets are a popular option also but I’ve had unfavourable results with these, which left metal sheeting as the best option.

We have a relatively local supplier and chose a slate coloured metal sheet with a plastic coating to further improve the durability of the roof and the slate colour contrasts well with the wall colour of the shed. Installation was relatively straightforward after I’d spent hours measuring the total width, overlaps and hole locations, though the sloping field and ladder combination along with all of my little ‘helpers’ at my feet meant that things took a lot longer than they should have!

There are still a few finishing touches to complete but I’m pleased with how it’s coming together. There’s a decent overhang around all sides which should give a bit more shelter for the hens, and so far the roof is working as intended and keeping the inside of the shed dry for the girls

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