Welcome to The Fleurs

Today we welcomed ‘The Fleurs’ to our flock, a group of 6 hens that were re-homed by the British Hen Welfare Trust – at our house!

These six hens are here for one reason only – Fleur. Fleur was an ex-caged hen whose story we followed a couple of months ago and were so moved by what we read and saw that we wanted to re-home an extra group in her honour. Fleur was re-homed by Haidy Mansfied but she was a broken hen and in a very bad way and had only the faintest breath. Haidy didn’t give up on Fleur and brought her home and slowly, very slowly, Fleur showed small signs of life. In the next few weeks little Fleur grew stronger. We saw videos of her beginning to walk, to eat, and to fight for life.

However, sadly, after about a month, Fleur’s body gave in and she passed away.

The Facebook page that told her story, Belle and Fleur say NO to caged hens for Eggs UK has 19,000 followers that were all touched by Fleurs story and there are countless messages of support for the little hen that affected so many people.

In memory of Fleur, our small contribution to her legacy is saving these 6 hens from slaughter and giving them a loving, caring home in a natural environment. A few days before we re-homed these hens, fate intervened and we spotted this plant tray with 6 compartments and decided it would make the perfect feeder for this little group!

Welcome Flame, Flavia, Flora, Florence, Florentine and Florida.

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