Welcome to The Hollys

Today we welcomed the latest group of hens to our flock – The Hollys.

We were contacted by an adopter who collected hens from the BHWT re-homing in September and for various reasons, couldn’t keep the hens. We said we’d help and the 4 girls were dropped off today. The previous owners had problems with integration, and as we had a similar situation with our first two groups it seemed appropriate to name these hens The Hollys, in honour of little Holly that struggled, but overcame her fear of the big girls.

We’ll take it slowly, keep hens separate than need their own space, but give them sight of each other and provide plenty of distractions when they do all mix together. We kept the names the previous owners gave to them – we do have a Gertrude that we shorten to ‘Gert’, but Gerty is different enough – maybe they’ll become friends!

Enjoy yourselves Gerty, Hetty, Katy and Wilma!

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