Welcome to The Roses

The first full day for the Roses with us today and they’re settling in well. We were greeted with 7 eggs this morning, 3 in the nest boxes and the rest scattered around their area – 3 in the new nest boxes is great for their first day!

We gave them a full check over and weighed them all. For whatever reason these ladies are a little on the heavy side and we’ll keep an eye on this. A healthy weight is good, but this is the first time that we’ve re-homed hens with an average weight of 2.21KG which is around a trigger weight for us, and we’ll check this again at the weekend when we weigh all the hens.

We had a list of 10 ‘Rose’ names and went through the list and the first hen to respond to that name was duly assigned it, then presented with their colourful leg ring – a red ring on their left leg (the ring colour that Rose had), then another colour on their right leg. Welcome to the flock Albertine, Alnwick, Constance, Darcy, Dawn, Felicity, Gertrude, Mary, Precious and Tess!

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