Welcome to The Whites

Today was another BHWT rehoming at Overton but unfortunately due to a family commitment, we couldn’t help, but luckily though there were enough volunteers to help see the girls off to their new homes. We’d said that we could take any poorly or spare hens but didn’t expect to get a call. At 3:30pm the phone rang!

There were a few hens that were limping, probably as a consequence of them being taken out of their commercial environment and we were asked if we could take them, to which we promptly said ‘yes’ and packed the crate into the car and shortly afterwards left for the farm. The hens were waiting for us in a box, put to one side, and we carefully lifted them into their carrying cage in the boot of our car. On the way home we decided to call this group ‘The Whites’ in recognition of the only hen we have left from our very first group, White, and because she’s been ill herself recently, but looks to be on the road to recovery. We also decided on their names: Clematis, Dahlia and Larkspur, to be allocated, along with their appropriately coloured leg rings tomorrow after they’ve had a chance to get used to their new home.

We left them in their crate in the barn overnight to settle in after their traumatic day, after a check over each hen to make sure they’d had enough to drink and eat. They looked exhausted and didn’t really move much at all, so we ensured that there was a large bowl of food within neck stretching distance and let them settle down. Tomorrow we’ll properly assess them and start their recuperation.

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