We’ve Bought a Caravan…Chassis!

Despite still part way through the shed to coop conversion, we’ve got an eye on the future, and today bought a caravan chassis, to be used as the base for a larger hen house.

Currently I’m building a raised and wheeled base for the shed to make it moveable and also to create shelter for the hens, but if we’re going to be increasing the number of hens we have then this caravan chassis, which is 4m x 2m, will be an ideal foundation to build a coop on. Being essentially a trailer that is raised off the ground it will be moveable and provide cover from the rain. The chassis has a wooden floor, which we’ll remove, then properly assess the metal framework and get it repaired and strengthened if it needs to be, so that it can support the weight of the coop and the hens inside.

For now, the chassis will be put to one side, but an exciting project in prospect for next year!

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