Winter Worming

As a preventative measure we worm the hens every 3 or 4 months and this week they’ve been dining on medicated layers pellets as part of this routine.

Flubenvet is the only licensed wormer for poultry and can be bought either as a powder that is then mixed with pellets, or supplied pre-mixed with pellets. There are advantages and disadvantages with both types but given the number of hens we have, buying the pellets pre-medicated is our favoured option. This also happens to be considerably cheaper too – to medicate the flock takes around 2 sacks of medicated feed and costs £18 (2 sacks at £9 each), to do the same by buying the Flubenvet powder and pellets separately would cost £72 (2 sacks of feed at £6 each and 2 tubs of Flubenvet at £30 each)!

The pre-medicated pellets have a short shelf life – around 2 months, but if it’s bought just as it’s needed then the longevity isn’t an issue. The powder is ideal for smaller numbers as it will last around 2 years and is mixed with pellets as required – a tub of Flubenvet costs around £30 and will make 20KG of medicated feed, but care must be taken to ensure that the powder and pellets are mixed as consistently as possible, usually by adding olive oil to the mixture so that the powder sticks to the pellets..

We’re fortunate that we have a relatively local supplier of the pre-mixed Flubenvet and the girls seem to enjoy these pellets as much as their usual food!

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